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About Troutex

Troutex ApS was founded in August 2004 by two Danish brood stock farmers Jørgen Jøker Trachsel and Ove Ahlgreen. Their vision was to create a company that would deliver certified disease free rainbow trout ova of high quality, all year around and to a worldwide customer base.

In the beginning Troutex solely acted as a sales company and annual sales grew consistently. Further steps were taken in the areas of marketing, quality and logistics ensure that Troutex could remain a trusted and well known ova supplier – not just in Europe, but also in the Middle East, Asia and the United states. Today, Troutex supplies ova to more than 30 countries worldwide. Sales exceed 100 million ova per year, and although there is still a strong seasonal curve, a considerable amount are sold in the summer months.

In 2011, Troutex bought a 66% share of the Seven Springs Trout Hatchery Ltd in Northern Ireland. The farm was rebuild with the single purpose of creating a state of the art brood stock facility for summer production of ova. The stocks at the farm had been part of an ambitious breeding program in a cooperation between their previous owner Dawnfresh Farming Ltd and using the services of Landcatch Natural Selection, now Hendrix. The broodstock showed promising results in terms of speed of growth, yield and FCR. The strain of rainbow trout was found to fit well within the Troutex business and their breeding objectives described elsewhere on this homepage.

In 2015, Ove Ahlgreen sold his shares of Troutex ApS to Jørgen Jøker Trachsel, who now holds 100% of the shareholding. Jørgen Jøker Trachsel is from a well known Danish family of trout farmers that date back to the early 1900s, and has a long experience of breeding and handling trout broodstock. He has been working with fish since he was old enough to carry a net!

With business growth comes change and through the close cooperation with some of our major customers, Troutex has acknowledged the growing demand for quality certification further down the value chain. With the high standards and strict rules in force in Denmark and Northern Ireland, it has been a natural step for Troutex to expand our quality focus beyond the national and regional rules to secure that we can deliver ova certified to the customer’s demands.

In May 2015 we achieved the GLOBALG.A.P certification at Seven Springs Trout Hatchery. In October 2015, the Danish farm Sillerupvæld Dambrug was GLOBALG.A.P certified – the first aquaculture establishment in Denmark! 

in 2020 Ravningkaer Dambrug is GLOBALG.A.P certified and supplying accordingly certified eggs to customers globally.

We are also able to meet the requirements to Ova suppliers in the ASC and the RSPCA standard, and other standards on request.

Our website provides more information about Troutex, our products and our visions. We look forward to working with you and we will continue to strive to be your preferred choice for excellent quality disease free trout ova!

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Apart from rainbow trout ova, Troutex supplies a wide range of specialties from Organic trout ova to Sparctic trout.

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