Product Range

Product Range for Rainbow Trout ova

Main advantages when you purchase ova from Troutex:

Troutex ova are disease free

Troutex can supply Rainbow Trout ova 12 months a year. All strains supplied from Troutex originate from our breeding program unless it is specifically agreed that the delivery takes place from an external supplier.

Troutex ova are free from:

  • IHN (Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis),
  • VHS (Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia),
  • IPN (Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis),
  • BKD (Bacterial Kidney Disease),
  • EHN (Epizootic haematopoietic necrosis),
  • SVC (Spring Viremia of Carp),
  • OMV (Oncorhynchus masou virus Disease),
  • Streptococcosis (Lactococcus garvieae),
  • ISA (Infectious Salmon Anaemia),
  • SRS (Piscirickettsia salmonis),
  • Ceratomyxa Shasta,
  • The ova are incubated since fertilisation in water free of spores of Myxosoma cerebralis (Whirling disease).

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Fast growth

It is difficult to predict how fast the fish will grow in your water as it is related to numerous factors such as water temperature, feed quality, feed management and general farm management etc.  However, 3 large commercial farms located in Denmark, UK and South America consistently report that they are able to take the fish from egg to portion size (300-400 grams) in 8 months. These farms have 12-14 ˚C water temperature, operate strict oxygen management and use high-energy feed. (References are available on request.) For performance on your farm, you are the expert. Try our strains and be convinced!

Large eggs – does size matter?

We use large broodstock fish and consistently have some of the largest ova available in the world. The ova sizes are in the range from 6500 to 11000 per liter in the period from November to June, and in the range of 7500-13000 from July to October. Larger eggs means larger larvae. All research on animals from pigs to pigeons confirm that a larger embryo is more likely to perform well.

If you have been told size doesn’t matter – we disagree.

Beautiful silvery fish

We offer beautiful silvery fish achieved through more than 40 years of dedicated natural selection and 10 years work with our breeding program. Read more about our breeding program here.

Consistent high quality

High physical quality of the eggs achieved through the expertise of our experienced staff and ensured through strict quality control schemes on our farms. We can deliver ova with Global Gab certification, and ova approved for ASC. Other standards on request! 

Product types – Rainbow Trout


A fast growing, aggressive eating silvery fish suitable for production of portion size trout. This strain will become mature at around 1000 gram. Available as all female or mixed sex on request.

Late Mature

A silvery fast grower, bred to mature at a size between 1.5kg and 2 kg. Our strain has a high yield of edible meat and takes on pigmentation very well.

Extra late mature

These fish will become mature at sizes between 2 and 3.5 kg. The strain is commonly used for production of large fish, without roe, in the ocean. Using a 22 month growth cycle, our clients consistently achieve a weights of around 2.5 to 3 kg with a maturation percentage below 5%.     


Our triploids are known to have a percentage of triploidy exceeding 95%. When the triploids are produced, the greatest care is taken to follow our procedure correctly and achieve the best results. Only our experienced farm managers carry out this procedure. Be aware, that triploids generally require more oxygen than all female.

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